Termignoni silencers.  Ducati V twins notoriously run hot, especially on the track.  These silencers eliminate the catalytic converter and include new software mapping to richen  the fuel air mixture.  This allows the engine to run cooler.   Eliminating the catalytic converter also helps for a cooler running engine and reduces weight by 11 pounds.


Sato Racing rear strap down hooks.  They mount in the same holes where the rear foot pegs were mounted.  Unfortunately, the gold anodizing does not match the shock reservoir.  Should make strapping down the bike much easier.  I used some red Loctite and tightened them down pretty good.

Bike stand spools and crash protection sliders

Stock cheap plastic shock cover.  Structurally it's very week and bends quite easily.

Ducati 899 Panigale Superbike

Magnesium Engine Cover

Photoshop Design Ideas

The magnesium engine cover saves weight over the aluminum engine case but there is another reason why you might consider the magnesium set.  The engine case on the right is one large piece and the outer cover can't be replaced in the event of damage to the exposed face.  You're stuck with replacing the entire engine case.  The engine cover on the left separates the outer face and the engine case from each other.  Why Ducati did this on the 899 leaves me scratching my head.  The 1199 Panigale from the factory separated the two pieces.   

Rear foot pegs installed.  These have great traction compared to stock

Factory Aluminum Engine Case Cover

I don't plan on putting much carbon fiber on the bike but the plastic shock cover feels flimsy and I'm concerned about it catching on my leathers and rubbing the shock spring.

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